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Continuing to Raise Awareness about HH! November 29, 2012

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The Barrow Hypothalamic Hamartoma Center is proud to announce that five posters have been accepted and presented at the 2012 American epilepsy Society Meeting November 30, 2012-December 4, 2012. The posters will be available for viewing on the AES site in the near future at: www.aesnet.org  . Please contact me directly with any questions.

  1. Wu J, Rice SG, Beggs J, Kerrigan JF. Gap-junction is a potential target for epileptic therapy in human gelastic seizures with hypothalamic hamartoma.
  2. Kerrigan JF, Parsons AS, Simeone K, Wu J, Beggs J, Coons S. Small and large neurons from human epileptic hypothalamic hamartoma: Golgi analysis of surgically-resected tissue.
  3. Beggs J, Wu J, Coons, S, Kerrigan JF. Abnormal subsurface cisterns in small neurons in human epileptic hypothalamic hamartoma: an ultrastructural study.
  4. Steinmetz PN, Lekovic GP, Wait S, Rekate HL, Kerrigan JF. Firing behavior and network activity of single neurons in human epileptic hypothalamic hamartoma.
  5. Wethe JV, Prigatano GP, Gray J, Chapple K, Rekate HL, Kerrigan JF. Comparison of pre- versus post-surgical cognitive functioning in patients with hypothalamic hamartoma and refractory epilepsy.

Regards, Maggie Bobrowitz, RN, MBA
Neuroscience Program Coordinator
Barrow Hypothalamic Hamartoma Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Barrow Hypothalamic Hamartoma Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center



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